Echovo launches “Unlimited Users” subscription plan

How do you unleash your organization’s full social media marketing potential? That’s the problem we’ve been working on at Echovo for years. Echovo is ideal for teams of any size, shape or purpose. We believe we’ve built the easiest social media platform for team based social media marketing.

Now, we’ve launched the “Unlimited Users” plan which was created so you can stay on budget and match your budget with your team size and activity level no matter what.

How does “Unlimited Users” work?

“Unlimited Users” is designed so you can easily scale your social media marketing. You don’t pay for users, instead you pay only when your team members share your content. External engagements (retweets, favorites, clicks, etc.) are all included at no additional cost. You set a maximum budget for the month and never pay more than your target budget.

Echovo’s handy planning calculator —

It’s all very predictable and transparent using our handy calculator.

Have a huge team? We also give discounts for volume sharing based on the following schedule:

Echovo’s “Unlimited Users” engagement based pricing.
And something else…if you don’t use all of your shares, we’ll only charge you for the shares that you use! We give you 50 free shares a month before we charge anything.

Why is that awesome? Some teams only use social media when there are special events or announcements. Why should you pay the same every month no matter what? And, why should you pay for users who are inactive and don’t participate? You shouldn’t. :)

How does budgeting work?

It’s really easy. First, you’ll need to upgrade your free account here. Set your budget to whatever you feel comfortable with to get started.

Upgrade your free account to “Unlimited Users”

Use the budget calculator to show how many shares and engagements you can generate with that budget in a month.

That’s it. We won’t charge your credit card until the 5th of the next month after subscribing. You’ll always know how much budget and shares you have left in the month by going to the home dashboard.

Echovo’s dashboard showing you how much you have budgeted.

Can I change my budget?

Yes! You can change your budget at any time during the month. Just go to your settings to update your maximum monthly budget at anytime.

You can increase OR decrease your budget. If you decrease your budget and have already used some of your shares, you’ll only be charged for what you’ve used.

We automatically stop team members from sharing content if you’ve hit your budget limit. We also notify you if you’ve reached 50%, 90% or 100% of your monthly budget. This way you can adjust if needed.

Sign up today!

It’s all up to you now. We think this is an amazing opportunity for social media marketing teams of any size.

Please sign up today and get started! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @echovoapp

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